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Jun. 23rd, 2013 12:48 am
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[ knocking on the door to their cabin. he's dressed as he usually dresses, tight shirt, leather pants, bullet belt and his bass hanging from his frame ]
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[ guess who's finally coming back to the cabin like a dog with its tail between its legs? this one ]
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[ he's in their cabin, playing his bass ]
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I'm basically only human, which means I'm liable to make some mistakes on characterization. Especially if it's the first time I'm playing said character. This is why posts like this exist. Feel free to comment & critique me on my interpretation of Jun; I'll do my best to listen & take in any advice you might have for me.

As always, ip logging is off & anon is on.
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[ Age ] 20

[ Height ] 183cm

[ Weight ]

[ Medical Info ] is a bassist

[ Birthday ]

[ Eyes ] dark brown

[ Hair ] dark brown and highlighted

[ Physical traits ] Hosogai Kei

[ What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her ] anything

[ Abilities ] Bassist?

[ Notes for the Psychics ] rock star

[ Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc? ] go ahead

[ Maim/Murder/Death ] GO AHEAD

[ Cooking ] he's a rock star!
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Character: Jun
Series: Heaven's Rock
Character Age: 20
Canon: Sometimes rock stars die young. Two popular bands, Sekitoba of the west and SHADOWS of the east, are each made up of extremely talented musicians but there's an almost bitter rivalry between them. While they're facing off, a Shinigami accidentally blows out the candles of four members- two from each band. These candles are representations of a person’s life; they have life expectancies marked on them and once blown out, the person dies. These four rockers are then taken to the agency to be processed for the afterlife. But none of these young rockstars want to move on, they want to live and keep living and so they are given tasks to complete in order to come back to life. While they do this, they learn how to work together and form a deep bond that brings them together in the end as a band called Heaven's Rock.

Jun was the bassist of SHADOWS and is now the cool bassist of Heaven’s Rock. He's your typical loner rock star who dislikes depending on others and seems to be apathetic towards everything except perhaps his bandmates. When he dies, he cares nothing about coming back to life and walks away from everyone with a sneer on his face. He’s unwilling to help, unwilling to be a part of getting them back to life and his first action is to always ask if people want to fight when they annoy him or are looking for a fight from him. But as the series progresses, we learn that his apathy and his hesitancy towards depending on people comes from being bullied as a child by girls. Because of this he closes himself off from caring about things on an emotional level and because of this he develops a complex where he can't talk to or face women at all. In fact, when faced with one he ends up losing all of his cool and reason. And loner he may be, but he opens up more and realizes that there are things to live for near the end of the series.

Sample Post: Che. Did I die again? The last thing I remember is being in Osaka with the others playing for the last group stop in our tour. I swear, if it was another shinigami screwing around with my life I'm going to be pissed. That sort of thing can't happen twice in a row, can it? It's a stupid idea anyway, candles are way too easy to blow out. What if a wind actually comes sweeping on past? Whatever. At least the others aren't here with me so I guess that's a plus. It'll be easier if I have to deal with it on my own. None of that group dynamic is necessary and it'll take a shorter amount of time. Besides, I don’t think any of them can deal with the swamp scene. Even the other dead people here can’t deal with it from the way they’re moaning.

It doesn’t matter. I just need to figure things out, maybe retrace my steps so I can find a way to come back to life again. Do I even get a third chance at life if I died a normal death? Did I even die a normal death? It's going to take more time for the rest of my memories to come back to me if that's the case. That’s what happened the last time. Might as well explore a bit and see what I'm dealing with. Let's see, there's an exhibit for the exotic eight-armed dancer Marcy and a building with a sign right there, 'Center For Untimely Deaths.' Seriously? I think I’ll head for the building, but the shinigami are really running out of ideas on this one if they've set the process facility in a center this time. Or maybe they're trying to make things more legal this way. But I guess that answers the question on whether my death was normal or not.

They must have really screwed things up, though, if the line of dead people is this long. And what’s with this paperwork they want us to fill out? I don’t need to give my full name. I’m a rock star. We don’t have full names. We go by one and that’s how we become legends. Maybe one of these deadbeats can tell me something. Hey, you. I’m looking at this question right now and I don’t get why it’s asking me if I’ve ever turned into a donkey after touching a woman. So you might as well tell me if you know anything about this center and why the process is like this for coming back to life this time. They've obviously changed things around here so things might be different . . . hey, answer my question. Just having your back to me and moaning doesn't tell me anything. You're the useless type, aren't you? That kind of type gets on my nerves. Wanna fight?

I thought so. Tch! You're lucky I don't care enough to beat you senseless. You're annoying, but not that annoying. Maybe I can just listen to my iPod while I wait so I don't have to deal with-- Ahh! E-excuse me, I didn’t know you were a woman. Your eye, even though it’s hanging out of your face looks-- I'm-- I'm . . . going over here-- someone get me out of here now! Why does the afterlife have women in it?! Especially one that won’t stop looking at me! God, if you love me then get me out of here right now and I'll even write a song about you!

“A Little Less Touch Me And A lot More Guys,” how about that for a song title? Good, right? Just help!



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